How to get there

We recommend that you come to the hostel by public transport.
If you come by train, go to The Hague Central station.
The hostel is located in the most central location of The Hague and is best accessible by tram.

Tram from Central Station:
You can take tram 2,3,4 or 6 from the central station.
Here you get off at the Grote Markt stop.
When you come out of the tram station you go directly up the stairs, on your left-hand side you see cafe de Boterwaag. If you look further you will see the Gamestate, walk towards it and just before that you see a little alley, turn left in there you will find the entrance to the hostel.

You will find a ticket machine in each tram. Prices are 4 euro for 2-hour ticket and 7,1 euro for a day ticket that works in all trams and buses.

It is as well an easy walk 1.4 km from Central Station if you feel like 15 min walking.